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Paris Photo Essay #2 : Napoleon in Paris

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In Paris, dogs seem happy.

They have that certain joie de vivre...

Meet Napoleon. He senses his own importance, since coming of age, but has begun to ponder the meaning of Life. As he sits upon his throne, what could he be dreaming of?

He might be pining for a certain female.

Perhaps he wishes he had a real job.

His psychiatrist tells him he spends too much time on the couch.

Sometimes one needs to break out of the daily grind...

And seek adventure...

Try something new.

Be bold.

Yes, it would be good to get away. Last week Napoleon was busted at Gigi's house for illegal gambling.

He and his friend, Dudley, were sentenced to 20 hours of community service in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Perhaps it's time to take Bones up on his invitation to come visit him in Jamaica.

Surf dogs are super cool and the bitches are hot hot hot.

Yes, he could sit on the beach and write his autobiography. Maybe someday it will be made into a film.

Anyway, it's nearly July and many of Napoleon's comrades have already left for vacation. Oreo is camping in Alaska and seems to be forging new friendships.

Some of his pals will be sad and miss him very much if he goes away. They might be wondering if they'll ever see their dear Napoleon again.

Hey, but he promises to Skype...

And will definitely be back home in time to celebrate Bastille Day!

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