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The neighborhood of Passy, in the 16th arrondisement, has long been known for its underground springs, containing water with great mineral healing properties.

In the 1700’s Paris physicians sent their patients to the little village two miles from the center of the city, on the edge of the Bois du Boulogne, to take water cures at the highly regarded therapeutic water clinic. It is recorded that in 1875, when Benjamin Franklin left his residence in Passy, to go back to America, he loaded on board the ship, barrels of this spring water with his initials BF carved upon them.

In 1855 Baron Haussmann, Prefect of the Seine, who was responsible for renovating the contaminated, antiquated water system in the city, commissioned a drilling project in Passy, to establish an artesian well capable of delivering upwards, a consistent flow of good water . At a depth of 586 meters, after six years of frustrating starts and stops, the drilling equipment finally tapped into the ancient water source, the River Albien. Although the health establishment is long gone, at the site of the artesian well, the water still runs clear and pure, through three spigots accessible to the public, in the little park called Square Lamartine.

Bring a water bottle, a cup, your hands, whatever, and let the cleansing waters of Passy, soothe your innards, as they have done for centuries.

Avenue Henri Martin
16th Arrondisement
Metro: Rue de la Pompe

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the people!

Spring water in the modern city, straight from the natural source for people and visitors is a rare and great effort by the organization to balance the nature and educate the people about the importance of preservation. I have learned from your share and will visit more.


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