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Take the elevator next to the main entrance of the Centre Pompidou up to the top floor. The views of Paris from the Restaurant Georges are panoramic, spectacular!

Dining will cost you, but the lofty perch is oh, so cool. Get your fix of hyper-modernity in this space. The menu is Innovative-Continental and the crowd is well-heeled. After an alcoholic beverage or two, you will settle comfortably into the inside-out, post-modern world of the Centre-Pompidou.

It’s a break from the oh, so precious bevy of cafes-as-historic-monuments sprawled at your feet.

Centre Georges Pompidou
19 Rue Beaubourg, 6th Floor
4th Arrondisement
Metro: Rambuteau
Open noon until 1am
Closed Tuesday
Reservations For lunch and dinner recommended

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We just got back from Paris - so many stylish drigsenss of all ages. In particular, older women that still apparently felt entitled to have their own style. Why do so few American women feel this way? I love your blog showing that we can all be proud of ourselves and dress that way - and be different from each other!

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