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In 1875, Edouard Andre completed the construction of his new mansion on Boulevard Haussmann, and along with his wife, Neli Jacquemart, began to fill it with great works of art.

They traveled and collected and the deal was, that after they were both deceased, the property would be bequeathed to the Institut de France. In 1913 their home was opened to the public.

You don’t have to pay for admittance to the museum, if you just want to come and dine. The café is located in the former dining room, hung with fine tapestries and a ceiling fresco painted by the Italian master, Tiepolo.

Enjoy a salad or quiche for lunch, or come at three for a pot of tea and delectable pastries.

Musee Jacquemart-Andre
158 Boulevard Haussmann
8th Arrondisement
Metro: St-Philippe-du-Roule or Miromesnil
Open daily for lunch and afternoon tea and
Brunch on Sunday

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