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Musee Carnavalet is the museum of the history of Paris.

Roman and Medieval times are documented here.

Paintings, memorabilia and lavishly decorated interiors teach us about this city's storied past.

Two grand mansions, the Hotel le Peletier de St. Fargeau (17th century) and the Hotel Carnavalet (1548) house the collection.

Madame de Sevigny, whose letters are still in print, lived in the Hotel Carnavalet for twenty years.

Robespierre's final letter, and a portrait of Marie Antoinette in prison, in mourning after her husband, Louis XVI was beheaded, are two of the museum's treasures.

Stand in front of a canvas, painted centuries ago on the Place des Vosges and imagine what life was like there at the time of the Royals.

Interiors of gilded 18th century rooms, archeological remains, this museum tells the fascinating story of Paris in historic surroundings. In typical Parisian style, the presentation is dazzling.

It also happens to have a killer gift shop, which specializes in recreating mementos of the past.


23, rue de Sevigne
3rd Arrondisement
Metro: St. Paul or Chemin Vert
Hours: 10am-6pm
Closed Monday
Paris Museum Pass Accepted

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From what I understand Paris

From what I understand Paris has some of the most fascinating museums. Definitely on my list of places to visit.

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