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The street is chic. The Hotel Le Bristol is posh without flash, glam and arrogance.

No, everything is serene, orderly and de rigeur here.

Flowers for the room, incomparable service, all the bells and whistles in an old-world setting that speaks of tradition and excellence.

Looking for a pool in Paris…find it here, along with a large garden and an impeccable staff.

Le Bristol is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and earns that distinction, clearly.

Hotel Le Bristol
112, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore

Perhaps you are honeymooning, or rendez-vous-ing or just looking for a spectacular, regal, luxe to the max, and let me caution, costly, hotel with all the grandeur Paris has to offer.
There are options that range from discreetly intimate, noble ancient residences, to uber-celebrity palaces dripping with as much attitude, as its guests are with jewels.
What kind of rates can you expect? If an average of a thousand dollars per night and upward, is within your budget, check out this hotel by going to its website.

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Hotel Le Bristol is really a

Hotel Le Bristol is really a perfect hotel for staying and any kind of travel. You have shared all the information about this hotel very nicely and those person will read these so that must determined to stay there when they will visit in Paris. Thanks

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