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Eye Prefer Paris Tours: Richard Nahem's Personal Paris

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Richard Nahem is an ex-New Yorker who moved to Paris in 2005.

One feels foolish asking why, as Richard will most likely pull out a list with enough reasons on it, to make you wish you could do the same, as in, immediately. For those of you already getting your Paris fix from his blog, you will be happy to hear that Richard's new venture is in full swing - personalized walking tours of "his" Paris.

Eye Prefer Paris Tours are customized to his clients' interests. Lasting about three hours, you are guaranteed to come away with a whopping dose of whatever it is that has enticed you to the City of Light. Art, food, gardens, shopping...let Richard put together the perfect itinerary. Put away your worn-out map and follow that man.

Tours: www.eyepreferparistours.com

Blog: www.eyepreferparis.com

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