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Scott Clemens, editor-in-chief and publisher of Epicurean-Traveler.com has spent years perfecting the art of eating, tasting fine wines and seeing the world. As far as jobs go, it sounds pretty good to me. Oh, and he also takes remarkable photos.

Scott claims that he has tasted more than 50,000 wines during the course of his career, which happens to include being the President of the Bay Area Wine Writers Council in Northern California. His website is a gold mine of articles about food, including recipes. He and his talented writers regale us with stories about the far flung and not so far flung places one can explore in search of an uncommon spice, a gourmet meal...basically anything Scott finds worthy of an article, his readers will appreciate as well.

The Epicurean Tasting Room is the wine section of the website.

A little time spent perusing articles here, will result in a wealth of information, answering some of the basic questions we all should know before ordering a bottle of wine in a restaurant, or buying one from a wine distributor. Once past the basics, one can spend as much time as one can afford, taking advantage of the editor's vast knowledge about the history of, and the production of the mysterious, complex, elevating beverage we call wine. Before you know it you will be an expert on malolactic fermentation.

A trip to Epicurean-Traveler.com will enable you to eat and drink your way around the globe, during lunch hour.


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