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David Lebovitz, Living The Sweet Life In Paris

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We thank David for having been born with a "sweet tooth", for he has given us a plethora of dessert recipes to delight our loved ones with.

So far he has invited us to indulge in happy food with his books, "Room For Dessert", "The Great Book of Chocolate" (and it is great!) and "The Perfect Scoop".

All of us foodies are anxiously awaiting his next release which is titled, "The Sweet Life In Paris". Come on, David, aren't we all jealous enough? You live there, eat there, work there, play there...fairy tales do come true!

David's blog is recipe-laden with photos that literally make me drool. His comfy and smart writing includes anecdotes about daily life in Paris, and he's always sharing his latest restaurant and food finds...beam me up, Scottie, to David's world!

P.S. "The Sweet Life in Paris" is now available on Amazon.com!


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